The problem with most speakers is they're boring. While that's acceptable for a big-name corporate speaker (after all, many attendees just want to meet the big shots from the powerful companies in their industry), it's death for most seminars and tradeshows.

As one Fortune 100 company executive stated, "(Vincent's) an extremely entertaining speaker who provides clarity through hilarity -- educating an audience while entertaining them." Vincent also provides more "serious" (well, they're still not boring) seminars and training on web design.

This page is broken up into the following sections:

Vincent gives two types of speeches (follows)
All speeches are tailored to the audience
Video examples
Where Vincent has spoken

Vincent gives two types of speeches:

1. Speeches to audiences who need to be entertained.

Everybody has a web site and this target audience simply wants to be entertained by viewing "Car Wrecks on the Information Highway" -- as long as their site isn't the car wreck. (If there are companies you do or don't want mentioned, you'll need to provide a list to Vincent 30 days before the speech.)

Any group makes a good audience for this type of speech and the best fit is an organization -- doctors, lawyers, dentists, etc., Normally, Vincent will give a keynote or luncheon speech and he's been used to launch a show and to start the afternoon sessions -- whatever it takes to get the audience ready for the rest of the sessions. While Vincent educates the audience, the speech is geared toward getting people in a good mood.

Please note: Vincent is quite willing to provide your seminar attendees private "critiques" of their sites.

If you have questions about this type of speech, please e-mail

2. Speeches to audiences who want to learn while they're being entertained.

The only difference between this audience and the first is that it directly applies to the other speeches. The audience is educators, designers, information technology managers, etc., who are attending a conference or seminar directly relating to web design and how it should be used. Vincent shows examples of the incorrect use of stylesheets, graphics mistakes, navigational miscues, and inaccessible and unusable sites -- topics that will be the focus of later in-depth seminars by other presenters. Once again, he sets the mood for the rest of the speakers.

If you have questions about this type of speech, please e-mail

All speeches are tailored to the audience.

Vincent creates each speech for the needs and interests of the audience. While he avoids using sites from the audience, he will occasionally use a "reverse example" a nice site and say "These people would never do anything stupid like this example."

Video examples

If your program coordinator is interested in seeing additional online videos of Vincent's presentations, please e-mail.

Note: All videos on this site should be viewed with a high bandwidth connection.

A. Proof that web design and drugs don't mix (link opens new window).

Flash (2.0 Mb)
Windows Media -- WMV (1.6Mb)

B. One of the worst examples of navigation on the web (link opens new window).

Flash (4.25Mb)
Windows Media -- WMV (596Kb)

C. The video below is an example of his tailored approach and was used at the joint conference for the Insurance Marketing Communications Association and the Life Communicators Association in Toronto. (Link opens new window.)

Windows WMV (2.6Mb)
Quicktime (1.5Mb)

Where Vincent has spoken

Many of Vincent's seminars and speeches are to closed groups under non-disclosure. However, some of the places he has given keynotes and speeches include:

  1. FDIC
  2. Rutgers University
  3. Indiana University WebDevShare
  4. InternetWorld (twice)
  5. Los Alamos National Laboratory
  6. VNU Online Learning (with Jakob Nielsen)
  7. Insurance Marketing Communications Association and the Life Communicators Association
  8. International Association for Human Resource Information Management
  9. Society for Technical Communication Willamette Valley
  10. Content Week 2001
  11. WinWriters Online Help Conference
  12. CorelWorld
  13. ThunderLizard's Web Design Series (twice)

He's appeared on CNN, PBS, TechTV's Screen Savers, and been interviewed on numerous radio programs.